ANTI-LGBTQ onslaught at the Capitol February 20, 2017  •  11:00 am

February 20, 2017
Contact: Troy Stevenson
Executive Director – Freedom Oklahoma | (405) 802-8229

ANTI-LGBTQ onslaught at the Capitol 

Freedom Oklahoma will be holding a press conference at 11 AM Tuesday morning (2/21/17) in the Capitol Press Room. We will  strongly condemn the rouge lawmakers who are holding pro-business legislation hostage in order to present economically disastrous hate bills. 

Oklahoma City – In an obvious ploy to distract from Oklahoma’s unprecedented budget nightmare, ANTI-LGBTQ zealots have gone full bore into an agenda of bigotry and discrimination. Senator Josh Brecheen filled a last minute committee substitute this morning – to Senate Bill 694 – that would enshrine discrimination into state law and strip away non-discrimination ordinances from the cities of OKC, Tulsa, and Norman, as well as stopping municipalities across the state from determining what is best for their citizens. His bill has far reaching – intended and unintended -consequences that would be disastrous for the entire state, and make Oklahoma a pariah in the eyes of corporate America, in a time when we need investment more than ever before.  Even after receiving hundreds of phone calls, and emails opposing – as well as bipartisan opposition on the committee – this harmful legislation, the committee forwarded it on after a contentious committee hearing filled with confusion, rule violations, and blatant lies from Senator Brecheen.

Update here:

And just this morning the Senate Judiciary committee scheduled Senate Bill 197 for a 9 AM hearing tomorrow – Tuesday 2/21/17. This is currently the most broad and discriminatory bill before the legislature in Oklahoma or any state in the Union. Senator Joseph Silk has proposed this blatantly unconstitutional legislation in an attempt to make Oklahoma the most discriminatory state in the nation. SB 197 is vastly worse than HB 2 in North Carolina, the law that has brought international scorn and economic disaster to the Tar Heel State. If it were to become law, Oklahoma would suffer unprecedented backlash from corporate America during an already historic budget shortfall. This legislation is not only bigoted, it would send a message to the world that Oklahoma is closed for business.

Bill language:

The following statement can be attributed to Freedom Oklahoma executive director, Troy Stevenson:

“The current assault on the LGBTQ community by a handful of bigoted zealots under the dome at 23rd and Lincoln is a stain upon our state and an embarrassment to every fair-minded Oklahoman. Freedom Oklahoma and our allies will spare no expense to stop this bigotry in its tracks. We will not allow our community to be used as a distraction from Oklahoma’s fiscal crisis, and we will fight to our last breath to prove that Oklahoma is a state that doesn’t hate. Senators Silk and Brecheen are out of touch with the Oklahoma Standard, and their agenda of bias and discrimination will not be allowed to move forward.” 

This Story: Freedom Oklahoma will be holding a press conference at 11 AM Tuesday morning (2/21/17) in the Capitol Press Room. We will strongly condemn the rouge lawmakers who are holding pro-business legislation hostage in order to present economically disastrous hate bills.
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