Oklahoma Senate takes historic stand against LGBTQ discrimination March 23, 2017  •  6:06 pm


March 23, 2017

Troy Stevenson, Executive Director – Freedom Oklahoma, troy@freedomoklahoma.org | (405) 802-8229

Ryan Kiesel, Executive Director-ACLU of Oklahoma, rkiesel@acluok.org, 405-524-8511

Allie Shinn, Director of External Affairs-ACLU of Oklahoma, ashinn@acluok.org, 405-524-8511


Oklahoma Senate takes historic stand against LGBTQ discrimination

Oklahoma City – Twenty-five Oklahoma State Senators took a historic stand against anti-LGBTQ discrimination. SB 694 and SB 197 were both called  onto the senate floor for a vote today. The former would have stripped employment and public accommodation protections form municipalities around the state, the later was a North Carolina “license to discriminate” bill. After Senator Brecheen’s SB 694 was voted down in resounding fashion, Senator Silk pulled SB 197, as he knew it would fail by a greater margin. In response, Freedom Oklahoma and the ACLU of Oklahoma issued the following statements:

The following can be attributed to Freedom Oklahoma Executive Director, Troy Stevenson:

“Freedom Oklahoma, our allies, and every LGBTQ Oklahoman owes a debt of gratitude to the twenty-five Oklahoma State Senators who stood up today and declared loudly that discrimination is not welcome in Oklahoma. Our community has been forced to combat, and defeat, over forty discriminatory pieces of legislation in the past three years, and we believe today was a turning point in the fight for freedom and equality. Lawmakers are no longer sitting on the sidelines, today they stood strong, debated, and voted their conscience. We won today, but more importantly Oklahoma won today as well.”

The following statement can be attributed to ACLU of Oklahoma Executive Director, Ryan Kiesel:

“At least for today, we celebrate an end to the legislature’s hateful attack on Oklahoma’s LGBTQ community. This population that has been marginalized  historically and today, desperately need further protection from our government, rather than an annual assault on their liberty. We applaud those Senators who worked to ensure this hateful legislation did not proceed. We can only hope that today’s vote sends a clear message to those who still wish to do harm to Oklahoma’s LGBTQ population. But we must remain vigilant to ensure that narrow-minded political expediency does not give birth to more hateful legislation forged in fear and ignorance. Rest assured, the ACLU of Oklahoma stands ready to join our partners at Freedom Oklahoma and our other allies in protecting the rights of LGBTQ Oklahomans and to fight back against threats to individual liberty whenever and wherever they occur.”




This Story: Oklahoma City - Twenty-five Oklahoma State Senators took a historic stand against anti-LGBTQ discrimination.
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