Freedom Oklahoma Rejects Discriminatory Ban


Today, the day after our country celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, the United States of America experienced a setback in the struggle for equality for all citizens. The United States Supreme Court showed its new colors by refusing to review preliminary federal district court rulings that have blocked the implementation of Trump Administration plans to prevent transgender people from serving openly in the U.S. Armed Services. This means SCOTUS allowed the legal challenges to Trump’s transgender military ban to continue in the federal courts. However, the court approved the Department of Justice request for a stay on the preliminary rulings. The stay allows the Trump administration to order the discharge of openly transgender troops from the armed services and to legally ban transgender people from enlisting in the military while these cases proceed through the courts. Restoration of open service for transgender members of the military will have wait until the Supreme Court has another opportunity to consider the case on its merits. Lifting the injunctions – even temporarily – is a slap in the face to the brave service members currently serving our country and to those who want to serve.

Freedom Oklahoma strongly rejects this decision to allow the implementation of this discriminatory ban. Transgender men and women have served with honor, many on the front lines, throughout our history. Transgender recruits have demonstrated their fitness to serve. They deserve our respect and gratitude, not this cruel ban, which is a blatant act of disrespect and a total disregard for the values of this country by the Trump Administration. Anyone who meets the standards for military service should be able to serve. Transgender service members deserve to be evaluated on the same standards as anyone else. Excluding qualified service members solely because they are transgender is an act of blatant discrimination and is contrary to the values of our military! The military’s own research shows that Trump’s ban would weaken our military because it would result in the loss of qualified, trained service members. It also deprives the military of qualified recruits at a time when enlistment numbers are already too low. Freedom Oklahoma supports our transgender friends and community against this blatant effort to deny them the right to serve in our country’s military.