Conversion Therapy Interim Study Findings


On Tuesday, October 15th, the House Committee on Health Services and Long Term Care will conduct an interim study on the effects of so-called conversion therapy on youth. The bipartisan study, authored by Representatives Dunnington and Randleman, analyzes the effects of practices by licensed medical and mental health care providers aimed at changing a minor’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, such as “conversion therapy,” on both the short and long-term mental health of LGBTQ youth in Oklahoma. (Interim Study No. 19-123)

"We're so excited the legislature is taking up this critical issue,” said Allie Shinn, Executive Director of Freedom Oklahoma. “This bipartisan study is an opportunity to educate members of the legislature on this abusive practice and set the stage for lawmakers of conscious to move forward with protecting our youth from conversion therapy in the upcoming session. There's an opportunity to do just that, and we urge legislators who are moved by what they hear from the study to put their values into action by protecting Oklahoma's youth from harm." 

Interim studies are studies of legislative and policy issues that may be requested by any member of the House or Senate. They often address issues that have been the subject of legislation that failed to pass in previous sessions, or that are deemed worthy of more in-depth consideration. These studies help inform lawmakers on issues that they will address in legislation the following year. 

Our community is too familiar with the impact of the harmful and discredited practice of conversion therapy. If you are able, please plan to join us at the Capitol on October 15th

Freedom Oklahoma